This saxophone lesson covers how to use a tuner in order to make sure you are giving yourself the best opportunity to create a great saxophone sound and develop a strong Saxophone Embouchure. The second part of this lesson goes into detail in regards to why you may be having issues with sound. The most common issues saxophone players need help with are: A weak sound, unwanted squeals and squeaks, having little control over volume.

Remember that during this exercise the following tones should be made from the crook or mouthpiece:
  • Alto Sax - A (Mouthpiece) G# Crook 
  • Tenor Sax - G (Mouthpiece) E Crook
  • Soprano Sax - Db 
  • Baritone Sax - Eb 
Topics covered in this sax lesson:
  • The Tones/Notes made when playing the Sax crook/Mouthpiece Alone 
  • How to use a tuner 
  • Saxophone Troubleshooting/Common Issues