Popular music; It all started with the blues.

The 12 bar blues is one of the most common structures in popular music, from blues, jazz, R&B, rock n roll, soul, rock and modern pop songs, elements of this structure (or pattern) can be seen. Understanding the 12 bar blues is a sure fire way of understanding how to improvise over almost any music.

Topics covered in this lesson:

  • The 12 bar blues progression and the importance of chords I, IV, V
  • Arpeggios around the progression in D
  • Minor 3rd to Maj 3rd grace not flick on arpeggios (R&B Riff round the blues)
12 Bar Blues in (concert) F

A concert F blues means that alto/bari players are in D, and tenor/sop players are in G. You get four times round the cycle with this track.