Time to Get Practical 

In the third lesson in the online SaxCasts Jazz Saxophone beginners course we're going to use the 7 triads in C major that we have been exploring over the last few lessons and create some useful exercises from them.

Your Aims

In this practical saxophone lesson it is important that you know what your aims are. I don't just want you to play through these exercises. There are better exercises for developing specific technique. However, the value of this Sax lesson lays in the listening and feel. As you move through each exercise really pay attention to the distances you move. For example when you move from C -> E hear this major 3rd as well as feel the movement in your fingers. Likewise, as you play the minor variants be aware of these and the difference in interval between them. In doing this you will be developing your ear and starting to lay the foundations for Jazz.


This is a more intemediate lesson in terms of how quickly I move through the exercises. Be sure to download the PDF and practice the exercises. I don't expect you to be able to keep up with me first time through. Practice and come back to have another a shot at it later! Remember the variations you can add to this in order to make the exercises more beneficial to you for example alter the articulation, feel and speed.

PDF for JS104

The PDF exercise for Jazz Saxophone Lesson JS104