Introduction - Why this course is for you even if you “don’t like jazz”.

This course will teach you everything you need to know in order to learn jazz saxophone and improvise. By the end of this jazz saxophone course you should have many ideas that you will be able to expand upon and have a whole new view of jazz tracks you love.

I hate Jazz

I hear this a lot and let me be honest with you, there is a lot of contemporary jazz that I don’t enjoy from a listening perspective. I enjoy discovering new sounds and recognising old sounds that have been used in modern songs. I always give the example of Earth Song/Thriller by Michael Jackson or Mad World by Gary Jules which all use one of the most common modes in Jazz: The Dorian Mode. That’s not to mention the countless examples of Pop songs using Jazz Sax players to come in and give us 30 seconds of glory in the 80’s. Like 80’s Pop/Rock Sax Solos? Like Gospel? Like Funk? Like Blues? Then this course is for you!

Required Knowledge and videos you should watch if you need a refresh

-Basic Piano knowledge (Jazz101)

In the SaxCasts Jazz Saxophone Method I teach by using the piano as a tool to both show the layout of chords and also as a way of letting you hear what works over various chords. For that reason I’m doing a quick 5 min video on the piano for those of you who aren’t familiar with the keys. I don’t need you to be the next Fats Waller but you really need to be able to identify the notes on the piano to have the easiest time following the course.

- A Solid understanding of C major (SF303)

I demonstrate the modes in C major so that you can see which notes are altered in order to make a particular sound. It is important that you can play C major fluently through 2 octaves of the instrument.

-Trill Keys and Fork Fingerings (SF605)

I use many of the side fingerings for various flicks and grace notes. Although I show them all in the videos its a nice idea to familiarise yourself with these before hitting the course.