It was a misty night, Captain Barnacle couldn't see anything, he knew he was close to land but there was no sign of the beam from the lighthouse. Sweat began to run down his brow as he guided his ship "The Overtone" toward dry land. His ship skimmed a rock sending Captain Barnacle flying to his rump. He scrambled to his feet and grabbed onto the ships wheel tightly. He was doomed, his ship was sunk, he'd all but given up but then a noise in the distance...BRRRRAAARRRHHHHH...It was Willy the Lighthouse Keeper practising his Saxophone, he could hear the overblown low Bb...he was saved! "Arggg that der was a overblown Bb, I could ere from a mile 'way!"

Ok, perhaps this was a little bit of an exaggerated tale but your low Bb will sound like a Foghorn when you first play it. After this lesson you will be given a few control methods to make that Bb sound more like a note and less like a warning to oncoming sea vessels! 

Topics covered in this lesson:
  • How to play low Bb/A#
  • Ways to sound less like a Foghorn