In this lesson we're going to improvise! All the reading and listening in the world can't replace actually getting stuck in and creating music. This lesson is in two parts. The first part of this lesson is introducing the principle of "Meandering" this is when we limit ourselves to one pattern of notes and use them to form an improvisation. Initially this is unaccompanied but later we can apply this principle to backing tracks and songs covering any genre of music!

Tips for this lesson:

  1. Plan your movements before playing them. Try to avoid "random" movements and instead create musical lines.
  2. Have confidence that there are no wrong moves/notes here! 
  3. Listen carefully to the sound of each note and where it leads to.
  4. Begin on the root note of the scale (1st Degree/Tonic) head to the same note at the top and finish of the root.
  5. Try to keep ascending/descending and avoid returning to the same note too many times. This destroys the flow of your music.
  6. When comfortable, vary the rhythm and speed of the exercise.