Part 2 of this saxophone theory lesson continues the basics of rhythm, a part of music that causes many problems. Rhythm is both the cause of and solution to many elements of saxophone playing. Having a solid sense of rhythm will both drive your technique forward and make your playing sound incredibly professional. Unfortunately, it is one of the last things to come for the majority of beginners so definitely spend the time understanding all of the content in these videos and play along with me to help develop your rhythm. In this lesson we introduce several note values and begin to play along to a pulse.
 Topics covered in this lesson are:

  • Note Values: Semibreve and Crotchet 
  • Rests: Semibreve and Crotchet 
  • How to feel a pulse 
  • How to play with a pulse Practical 
  • Time Signatures 
  • Crook Practice with a Pulse