This course contains a key workout in every key on the Saxophone. The idea here is to master as many of the common movements in all keys so that you can develop technique that is transferrable to your sight reading and improvisation. Eventually, these movements will be so hard wired that you won't even have to think about them.

Dan says: "Take a new key exercise and use a variety of Dynamics and Articulation in order to work different areas of your playing. Suggested articulation markings are written on each PDF worksheet in the lessons but try adding your own. Use a metronome and aim for clean, even movements throughout. Start off at a steady tempo and increase it over time. You may need to work at each work sheet/exercise for a couple of weeks or more before moving onto the next."

Key Workouts
9 min

Exercises in C Major

In this lesson you will drill common movements, leaps and patterns found in the key of C major. Remember to use a metronome, work through the patte...

Key Workouts
6 min

Exercises in G Major

In this lesson you'll cover some of the awkward movements found in the key of G major.