This series of lessons teaches you many of the Jazz Standards that you must know if you want to play jazz. These are the set of tunes that you will hear played time and time again. These tunes have formed the base learning structure for all of the great jazz players. In these lessons you will learn how to play each standard, how to analyse and understand what is going on in each tune and how to improvise over them. If you want to improvise on Saxophone, you MUST learn these tunes. The majority of these standards come complete with sheet music and a jazz backing track.

How to play Moon River - Rod Stewart

In this sax lesson we learn how to play Moon River by Henry Mancini as covered by Rod Stewart

Playing a Ballard - "Round Midnight

In this lesson you will learn how to play the beautiful melody to 'Round Midnight on tenor saxophone. This melody allows you to explore low note co...

Ain't that a kick in the head

In this jazz sax lesson we take a look at playing a part of a Big Band Sax section!