Stage 2 of the Saxophone beginners course adds more notes, rhythms and scales to your repertoire. We also investigate some important techniques to really transform your sax playing.

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Introducing Vibrato

A good vibrato is something that bridges the gap between Amateur and Professional. In this session we will start helping you sound like a Pro! Vi...

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Experimenting with volume - Dynamics

Ever wondered how sax players put so much emotion and expression into their playing? Well look no further than this lesson. Alongside vibrato add...

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New Notes: C, D and the Octave Key

This lesson adds a whole new register to your collection, this infinitely expands your song choice but also adds a couple of small issues that need...

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Level 2 Rhythms

In this lesson we cover Quavers, Rests and Dotted Minims to further enhance your rhythm bank. These rhythm lessons are incredibly important so mak...

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Introduction to Articulation

In this lesson we cover a few techniques that are going to make your playing far more exciting. Tonguing is the stopping of the reed and the relea...

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Articulation (Revisited) Level 2 Rhythm Challenges

In this video you will learn how to apply the articulation techniques you learned in the previous lesson. This video contains live practise exampl...

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Sound Development - Long Tones

In this lesson you will learn a method that is going to help improve your sound no end and help develop your intonation. Your sound quality and in...

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Introduction to Key Signatures and Accidentals

Don't know your Sharps from your Flats? Well this lesson is a great way to start. This lesson introduces you to the world of key signatures, flat...

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G Major Scale + New Note (F#)

This lesson introduces a brand new note and teaches you all about the 1 sharp scale: G Major. You will also be shown different patterns to work on...

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F major and the note Bb

This Sax lesson is the second in a pair of videos that are covering new scales and a couple of new notes. Today we will cover the scale of F major...

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The Lead in, Anacrusis, Pick Up...Up beat...

This sax theory lesson covers the thing with many names...the upbeat...erm pick up ...erm lead in... Oh well, it's the part of th...

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Lead In - Practising getting in there

In this Sax Session, we will practise starting music with a lead in by using some famous examples that use them. Play along with Dan as he goes th...

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The Minor Scale - D minor (Harmonic Form)

In this saxophone lesson we introduce a different type of scale; one that sounds rather Egyptian in nature - the Harmonic Minor. The minor modes a...

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Developing A Practice Routine

This lesson discusses what you should be practising on a daily basis at this part of the saxophone beginners course and issues you with a practise ...