So you've taken the plunge, you're ready to get up to all kinds of Sax-y Mischief. New to Sax? Your journey starts here. This Saxophone Beginners course will take you through, step by step, everything you need to know in bite size lessons that you can consume any time, any place. If you've been playing a while, we still recommend that you dip into each of the stages. We guarantee that there will be a few nuggets of information that you have either forgotten or haven't come across before. This saxophone course compounds over a decade of knowledge and experience.

From Vibrato to your II, V, I's, this pathway will teach you all of the prerequisite skills and knowledge required to tackle our more advanced courses in other genres and specialities. So, what are you waiting for? Wet that reed, pull that strap up tight, get buckled in and get ready to reach unexplored saxophone territory. *DING* Next floor, Fundamentals!

13 lessons

Stage 1: Getting started on the Sax

This stage covers all the basics needed to learn to play the saxophone effectively as quickly as possible. You will learn the correct way to posture and breathe, making sure that you don't pick up any nasty habits that will seriously limit your potential from the outset. Been playing a while bu...
15 lessons

Stage 2: Moving On

Stage 2 of the Saxophone beginners course adds more notes, rhythms and scales to your repertoire. We also investigate some important techniques to really transform your sax playing.
12 lessons

Stage 3: Pushing Forward

In this stage we begin to introduce more music theory so that you really begin to understand what you are playing rather than just repeating what you've heard. Take particular notes of the tips given in the Piano For Sax Players video here as it explains important concepts about chromatic notes....
11 lessons

Stage 4: Now yer' gettin' it!

Saxophone Fundamentals Stage 4 is a stage of refinement. Here we work some weaknesses found in all early sax players and begin to develop them through a series of exercises. We also introduce intervals which are an incredibly valuable way to develop both your musical ear and intonation on the i...
12 lessons

Stage 5 - It's gettin' meaty

You have progressed to stage 5 of the Saxophone Beginners Course here at SaxCasts. By this stage you should be feeling confident with all of the material in the other beginners courses as this stage is going to build upon those foundations. In this series of Online Saxophone Lessons you'll stu...
11 lessons

Stage 6 - Headin' Up

In stage 6 of the Saxophone Beginners Course we are going to add more notes, cover more rhythms and general tweak and improve your playing. We want to make sure you haven't been picking up any bad habits so we shall also cover a few common errors that can occur along the way.
12 lessons

Stage 7 - Not so Lost in Translation

In stage 7 of the complete Saxophone Beginners Course we cover new notes, rhythms, navigation of written/aural music. The lessons here will develop all the skills you need to be able to tackle much of the sheet music available on SaxCasts.
2 lessons

Stage 8 - Introducing Blues Saxophone

In this stage of the Saxophone Beginners Course here on SaxCasts we're going to introduce Blues, Licks, Riffs and Improvisation. This stage is aimed at students who have been following our step by step saxophone lessons so if you have dipped into the Blues Course already you may be covering a lit...