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Fundamentals - Start your sax journey here

So you've taken the plunge, you're ready to get up to all kinds of Sax-y Mischief. New to Sax? Your journey starts here. This Saxophone Beginners course will take you through, step by step, everything you need to know in bite size lessons that you can consume any time, any place. If you've b...

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Jazz and Improvisation

In this course you will learn everything you need to know in order to play Jazz and improvise over practically any other genre of music. This is a great place to start improvisation regardless of your particular tastes in music.

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Audience Q & A Videos - Sax Troubleshooting

This series of videos covers questions asked by members of SaxCasts.com and other students, just like you. These videos cover common issues that all sax players come across and answer questions asked from sax players all around the world. This section is your opportunity to ask a Professional Sax...

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The Blues is the starting point of popular music, helping to create Jazz, Rock n Roll, Rockabilly, RnB, Soul, Funk, Rock and every thing that came after, and it's where we begin our exploration of improvisation and modern saxophone playing. Our blues course will introduce and explore the chor...

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Rhythm Mastery Live - Get help with counting!

Of all the issues I solve as a Saxophone Teacher Rhythm is a HUGE topic. Everyone struggles with Rhythm so having some tricks to use that help you with this area of playing is vital. This section contains a live training that was recorded covering this very topic. Each Lesson is designed t...

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Songs for Saxophone

In this section you will find a library of Songs mostly with Sheet Music and backing tracks available for all saxophones. This library is being updated all the time so don't forget to submit your requests to [email protected]

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Solo Transcriptions

The course with have lessons and transcriptions of key Rock n Roll, Blues and Jazz solo's from our saxophone heroes. Learning from other saxophone players is a great way of learning improvisation. You can develop your own vocabulary from taking ideas from the saxophone masters and learn from ...

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Key Workouts

This course contains a key workout in every key on the Saxophone. The idea here is to master as many of the common movements in all keys so that you can develop technique that is transferrable to your sight reading and improvisation. Eventually, these movements will be so hard wired that you won'...