SaxCasts Newsletter March 2015

Never miss a beat.

Hey everyone, 

Wow I've had a hectic couple of months. Moving house, Jury Service and I must say, my Sax has gathered a little dust in this time. That happens to us all though, we just don't always have the time to devote to playing as much as we'd like. It was for this very reason that SaxCasts was created. The short 10 minute long lessons allow you the time to learn, practise and improve within half an hour. Any time you can. To improve all you have to do is - keep tuning in!

If you're not a member at the moment now is a brilliant time to start a completely free trial and come join in on the fun and get access to an ever growing library of Sax Lessons.

What's to come this month...

This month we have loads of new lessons coming up. Many of the lessons will focus on giving you some bulletproof methods for counting, understanding and FEELING rhythms. If you have any doubts about your rhythmic ability then check them out. We have Vibrato Counting, Aiming for Beats, Stripping back the rythms all following on from the last lesson of moving while you play to help your rhythm. 

Top tips for SF704

A fair few members have been emailing me to tell me they've been struggling with this lesson. Don't worry if you are struggling with getting this lesson first time. It's designed to be put into your practise session and I'd expect you to work on just one of the exercises for a couple of weeks until it begins to settle into muscle memory. SF704 is not a lesson you can just blast through. You're going to need to revisit it a few times and it'll be very much worth your time as fork fingerings are incredibly important.

That's all from me for this month, see you over at SaxCasts and as ever, happy Saxing!