I love November here in the UK. We celebrate the day that a government rebel tried to blow up the House of Parliament by hiding gunpowder in the cellar. We light bonfires and set off fireworks as a representation of the rumbled plot. Crazy eh? The other reason I love November is because it's my birthday and this year I leave the 20's behind. This is the 22nd Anniversary of the first time I picked up a Saxophone, mind blowing!

New Content

Last month saw the end of Stage 5 of the Saxophone Fundamentals Course for beginners and the introduction of two more songs complete with backing tracks and sheet music. Some of the other new material I've added to the site includes:

  • Technique: Live Vibrato Training
  • Rhythm: Applying Swung and Dotted Quavers
  • Song: Besame Mucho - Latin Rock Version
  • Knowing your flat Major Scales
  • Completed Stage 5 of the fundamentals
  • Scales: A and E Minors to a 12th and Bb Major over two octaves
  • New Notes: Low Bb, D#/Eb, High E
  • Song: Creep - Radiohead

Face to Face Lessons

We have limited spaces for face to face lessons in the monthly skype sessions package be sure to sign up before all the places fill up. These sessions will allow you facetime with a teacher enabling us to make sure you aren't falling into bad habits, plan a practise schedule, cover a topic you are struggling with and answer any questions. Come visit the Lessons Store to purchase these.


We are open to requests! If there is a specific song or technique that you'd like us to cover on SaxCasts then mail us and we'll add it to the list!

Special Offer

To get you out of that practise rut, the next 20 people to signup to SaxCasts will get 50% off their subscription for 3 months after their 7 day trial. But hurry as there are only 20 places up for grabs. Enter code: 3MONTHFLASH at checkout.

Thats all for this month, thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy all the content on SaxCasts, happy Saxing!

SaxCasts.com Founder