Merry Christmas to all my fellow Sax lovers!

Hi everyone and best wishes from me to you during this festive time. I hope you've been keeping well and playing LOADS. December is the time to hammer some Christmas tunes and really impress friends and family with how you can play all of those well known carols. The great thing about Carols is that they are really simple making playing them great practise regardless of how long you have been playing the sax. 

If you're not a member at the moment now is a brilliant time to start a completely free trial and come join in on the fun and get access to an ever growing library of Sax Lessons.

You're going to be snowed in this Christmas...with new releases!

I'm planning an avalanche of new material for release over the Christmas period. I'll be releasing a Christmas song for you to sink your festive gnashes into sometime this week so keep checking SaxCasts for that. Can you guess what it is? It was originally done by Bobby Helms ;-)

Two mega important lessons released this week...

This week I've released two lessons with worksheets (Syncopation 2 and Scales in running fours). These Saxophone Lessons are incredibly useful for pattern building and working on your rhythm. If you are having a hard time sticking to a pulse or counting then the syncopation lesson is going to be incredibly useful to you. Both lessons have written music to follow along with giving you opportunity to practise note reading and rhythm. You should definitely have a working knowledge of the scales of C, G, F major and D minor before attempting these lessons!
Christmas is here. Get ready for an avalanche of new lessons!Merry Christmas from SaxCasts!

Thank you!

That's all from me this month, I'll see you in video form on the website. Have a fantastic Christmas and amazing New Year. Thank you for the great opportunity all of you have given me to launch SaxCasts this year and I'm hoping I can bring the Saxophone to many more people in the coming year!