New Sax Lessons Added: Key Workouts and Improvising over a Pop Song.

This week we have two new lessons added to the sax video library. The first is a video on improvising over the pop song "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri that I released last week along with the sheet music, Video Lesson and backing track. 

The full improvisation lesson is available here.

The second lesson released this week is the first in a new series I'm doing on mastering keys. Each piece of music that you play is in at least one Key and likely moves through a few others too. As sax players, it's vital that we are familiar with common movements in all keys and this is what this series covers. The lesson contains a complete demo of the PDF and you can download the worksheet below the video. Let me know how you get on with this weeks in C Major!

You can view the lesson and grab the  PDF here.

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Have a great weekend and have a go at creating your own solo this weekend!

Happy Saxing!