• Hey all,

Happy Friday! This week we have a special for all members of SaxCasts. I have loads of awesome tracks waiting to be put on the site but this week I thought I'd let you choose the new songs. Pick any 3 songs from the list below and mail me the ones you'd like to work on. I'll fire back a mail containing the backing track and sheet music for that song! Make sure you have an active subscription to receive the sheets and backings!

Your Practice Routine for the week

1. Long Notes and Vib (any tones 2 mins) as set out in the fundamentals course vibrato lesson

2. Scale workout -> you can get the worksheet here.

3. Pick any 3 songs from the list below then mail me your selections as I said above (remember to goal set here, these tunes are difficult, aim to get small sections down before sticking the backing on): 

Autumn Leaves - Jazz Standard
If You Leave Me Now - 10 cc
Another Day in Paradise - Phil Collins
All of me - John Legend
Family Guy Theme - Seth Macfarlane
Any of the other songs from the SaxCasts library

4. Have a listen to a sax player. My recommendation for the week would be something quirky like "Joel Frahm - Checkmate" a sax player with a fantastic tone, great control and some brilliant lines. Even if you're not a big jazz fan there is something to be taken just from listening to what he creates.

Remember: As a member of SaxCasts you get email support from me! Just send me a mail at anytime with any issues you're having with your sax playing and I'll answer asap!

Have a great weekend and have a go at creating your own solo this weekend!

Happy Saxing!


PS If you aren't subscribed to SaxCasts yet you can try it out for 30 days for absolutely free! You'll get full access to Saxophone Fundamental Course and every video lesson, sheet music and backing track I've