I hope you are doing most splendidly and you're looking forward to the weekend! I've released my first video in the "reaction" series. I've filmed myself watching pro sax players and I'm giving my honest feedback and picking out parts to analyse so that you can do it too!

LISTENING is a huge and undervalued part of your journey as musician and none of us do it enough. Listening allows you to imitate ideas and eventually make them your own.

In this video I listened to "Purple Rain" covered by Lady Smooth Sax.

She is a BRILLIANT soulful player, has won awards and gigs regularly with her band.

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A couple of things I noticed about her sax playing:

  • She has a great sound that is rich, full and ideal for gospel/blues/soul and pop saxophone playing.  

  • She's is mixed very well and the huge microphone suits her sound. - When she moves around with the sax her shoulders raise which causes tension in the embouchure. This tension is what causes the squeaks and closed off notes in the upper register.
  • Her Saxophone Vibrato is superb. 
  • She should aim to keep her top teeth attached to the mouthpiece more as this will allow for a much more consistent embouchure and less messy attack of some notes.

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