I watched a YouTube video that made my blood boil so I've made a response and put the worlds to right in this video:


Remember that there is no ONE WAY to play/learn or live. We are constantly experimenting with what works for us. The saxophone is such an individual thing and rightly so. 

As a teacher my job is to guide you to find the path that works for you NOT tell you the ONLY way to do it. 

YouTube is a great resource but there is so much crap out there that you honestly need to double think everything you are told.

If one person tells you that YOU DON'T NEED THIS or TAKE THIS SHORTCUT or THIS IS THE ONLY WAY or YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG. Then question how they know your body and mind better than you do.

YouTube Teachers are often accomplished players but make up your own mind if they qualify to give you advice as an accomplished teacher.

What was the last piece of sax advice that you questioned? Let me know on the video page above!

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